Marie Orange

M.Sc in Science applied to Archaeology 2012, University of Bordeaux III (France)

BA in Art History and Archaeology, 2010, University
of Bordeaux III (France)

My passion for Archaeology and its  challenges led me to start a PhD at Southern Cross GeoScience (Southern Cross University) focusing on the study of lithic raw materials used by the prehistorics to make tools and weapons. By bringing information on the access to raw material sources, fabrication processes, exchange, trade, and use patterns, the study of lithic materials can help recover the life-ways of past populations. I am particularly interested in the study of obsidian (volcanic glass) and its pathways during the  Neolithic, a key period  in  our history where we evolved from hunter-gatherers to farmers and herders.

Project description

My current project focuses on the obsidian economy in Corsica (Western Mediterranean) during the Neolithic period. Considered as a ‘marker’ of the Neolithisation process, this raw material allows direct insight into population movements, savoir-faire (technical know-hows), exchanges and human contacts. Following a long tradition of obsidian sourcing studies, our research group develops analytical strategies to achieve an exhaustive and non-destructive geochemical characterization of obsidian artefacts, to find their geological origin. Working hand in hand with the Archaeologists, our results are coupled with the technical information gathered on the fabrication processes. The conclusions thus drawn help to deepen our general understanding of past communities.

For more information please visit my SCU GeoScience page or my Research Gate Profile